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T4 Trigger Sprayer


A vertical pump mechanism, which means a lower cost
Angular lines, making it visually smart
An ergonomical design, so it is comfortable to hold and easy to use
An easy-to-grip 3-position square nozzle that offers a standard spray and a directional stream or jet spray – ideal where a concentrated area may be required.


0.75 ml output
Standard colours are all white; all black or all natural
28mm – 400 screw cap
28mm – 410 screw cap
260mm dip tube
Dip tube cutting service available


Kitchen and bathroom cleaners, Glass cleaners, Disinfectants, Fabric cleaners, Carpet cleaners,
De-Icer, De-Greasers, Leak Detectors, Maintenance Oils, Water repellents
Pesticides, Foliar Feed, Weed Killers, Mould & Algae remover
Flea Sprays, Coat Shine, Disinfectants


Body, housing, valve case, trigger, nozzle, cap: polypropylene
Spinner, dip tube, piston: polyethylene
Spring, ball valve: stainless steel
Gasket: PEL.

We can advise as to whether our trigger sprayers are suitable for use with general chemical components, but recommend you carry out trials to ensure compatibility with your own formulation.


How can I stop my Trigger Sprayers from leaking?

Trigger sprayers are notorious for ‘backing-off’. The vibration of being ‘in transit’, loosens the cap and leakage can occur. The answer is to have a suitable neck on the bottle – one that suits the trigger cap and if possible, has an anti-back off system in the thread. An anti-back off system has extra pieces in the thread – either a twin thread, vertical pieces or a series of ‘lugs’ around the neck that gives resistance to the cap vibrating loose.

Don’t over tighten the screw cap

It sounds strange but you can over tighten the cap which compresses the Polyethylene neck of the bottle, making the surface hard. The Polypropylene cap has a hard surface too and two hard surfaces together, do not make a good connection. The cap needs to be tight but not over tight.

Make sure you have the right cap and bottle size

The standard Trigger Sprayers have a 28mm diameter cap with two different heights – Deep (28/410) and Shallow or Short (28/400). In the UK, the most common size for the retail market or Ready to Use (RTU) pack is the 28/410. The industrial/re-useable packs tend to have the 28/400 caps. These references correspond to the necks on the bottle so your bottle manufacturer can confirm what neck is on their bottle. If you have 400 cap on a 410 bottle neck there will be a gap under the cap. If you have a 410 cap on a 400 bottle neck, the pack will not seal on the gasket and it will leak.